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Do you advertise your website? How many visitors do you get?

Once you have your website designed and hosted onto a web server, you need to get visitors. All visitors are potential customers and the more visitors you attract, the more your income.

As in every business, advertising is the powerful tool to get your business known and and hence attract visitors. Various types of advertising exist, offline and online, paid or free. All types of advertisements are beneficial to your business so we will discuss a number of available advertisements.

Offline Advertisements

This type of ad is the "traditional" type of advertisement. This include books, newspapers, radio, television, flyers and other media. Is this type of advertising beneficial to your business? It depends what you are selling and who your targeted customers are. If you are in the United States selling your product to a foreign country, it's useless to advertise your product offline in the United States but if you're selling your product in the United States, then this kind of advertising can be more than beneficial. However, taking the previous example, you can advertise offline within your targeted country using the internet. Every media company nowadays has a website from where you can order your offline advertising through the internet.

Online Advertisements

If you're an internet marketer or selling your products on the internet, online advertising is a must. There are mainly 2 types of online advertisement, free or paid. We are going to discuss these 2 types of advertisements and listing some of the available links.

>Free Advertisement

Searching the internet yields various free advertisements. Search engines are the most popular free advertising on the internet. Submitting your website to search engines is a good thing to do. You can either visit each search engine and submit your website manually or you can buy software that does this task with few simple clicks. Everything that is totally free has at least one negative feature. This feature related to search engines is that although you submit your website to search engines, your website will very likely be ranked in the 100s positions. Surveys show that most users browse not more than the first 3 pages of the search results and over 60% of internet users would not go past the first page of results. This will leave your website unnoticed and hence, it is as if you don't exist on the internet. If you're not found, you have no visitors and no visitors mean no sales. Search engines spiders and crawlers have become very intelligent nowadays. Search engine spiders and crawlers are scripts that rank your website according to various features like popularity of the website and relevance to the search performed by the user. This is why search engines like Google and Yahoo have become popular since they yield the best results. Scripts algorithms are changed frequently and search engines also have blacklists of websites that try to "trick" their scripts. More than that, spiders and crawlers exclude similar pages so that the user does not have to go through many similar pages. Keywords are a good factor to rank your page higher. It is important that you do not use generic keywords and/or keywords used by your competitors. Micro Niche Finder and SEO Elite are good software and ebook to optimize your keywords for better ranking by search engines. This is good for beginners however it will take time to achieve the best performing keywords. There are companies who their only purpose is to attain the best performing keywords known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The prices to have your website keywords optimized vary from $100s to $1000s per month. There are other companies that offer a one time keyword optimization but since serious businesses optimize their website keywords at least once a month, it would be a waste of time and money to take this road.

Traffic Swarm is a good free advertising site. All you have to do is surf ads and earn credits for each ad you browse. Credits vary from 1 to 5 points. There are also bonuses between 250 to 1000 points available at random ads. Traffic Swarm also gives the possibility to buy credits for those who do not have the time to browse ads. The positive thing with this site is that you will spend just 1 point each time your link is displayed (1 point per 1 impression). That means that with 1000 points earned, you get 1000 impressions. You can click 250 times everyday, giving you the opportunity to earn a minimum of 250 points and a maximum of 1250 points each day, excluding bonuses. You can also become a Pro member and thus can earn from 2 to 6 points for each browsed ad.

>Paid Advertisement

An infinity of paid ads are available. Search engines know that many website owners need more exposure of the website. So they invented the Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC are sponsored ads which are listed on the first pages of the search results, normally at the top and on the right hand side of the first page. The positive aspect of PPC is that you pay only when the user clicks your ad and visit your website. Prices vary according to the keywords you specify for the PPC. Keyword prices are determined on auction basis which means that if your keyword is used by other business, the price of that keyword will be higher. More than that, the price also include the position where your PPC ad is listed. With their pros and cons, we certainly recommend using PPC since search engines are very popular and yield a good exposure of your business. Using generic and irrelevant keywords will only make you lose money on PPC. Hence, we suggest Micro Niche Finder and SEO Elite to help you select your keywords carefully. We suggest that you use PPC on the 3 most popular search engines being Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo has partnered with Microsoft and uses bingAds PPC services, allowing you to run your PPC campaigns on both Yahoo and Bing search engines.  Clicking on the images below will open the respective search engine's PPC.

Using PPC can become expensive even more if you have too much competition in the business you operate in. We found an ebook called Get Google Ads For Free which helps you get your PPC ads for free. There is nothing illegal or in violation of the Google Terms of Service. Although this ebook is mainly targeted for Google PPC (better known as Google Adwords), the system highlighted within this ebook can be used with any search engine's PPC.

There are also cheap advertising such as ClixSense . This website gives you the opportunity to become an affiliate and you can also earn money which you can exchange for points to advertise your business for free. Signing up is free and all you have to do is browse ads. This is similar to Traffic Swarm but this website pays your efforts if you choose not to use your earnings for advertising with them.

We constantly trying new systems and advertising methods. Once we have verified their efficiency, we will update them here and add them to our list within the appropriate page. Hence we recommend you to bookmark the pages you are interested in for easier reference and to visit us often for updates.


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